About Us

Over 15 years in the Industry -
I am a one man business specializing in web solutions. I have a tertiary qualification in web design and database administration. My sole idea is to make this medium affordable for everyone.

I am based in Pukekohe and have the expertise, skill, knowledge and know-how to help you create the design you want. This business started out as a hobby over 15 years ago, but because of increased demand and exorbitant prices, has taken off.

The work can either be hand-crafted by myself, or we can compliment your own design but the beauty is you are dealing directly with the boss.

The World Wide Web is a great medium, and every business can take some values from it. The only thing I advise is
"Do not have a Website for the sake of it but use its advantages, budget how much to spend and include updates within the budget."

The site needs to be constantly updated, so when thinking about this include all the following:
Cost of design
Cost of Domain Name
Cost of Web Hosting
Cost of Updating